Sustainable Business Development

In Bangladesh

Soil & More

Aart van den Bos is managing director of Soil & More. He explains about the business acitvities and how those contributes to Food Security. He expresses his interest in matchmaking with Bangladeshi companies.
Entrepreneurship in Bangladesh


Hidden hunger is a big problem in Bangladesh. Therefore potential sectors that can develop more diverse yet affordable food should be supported. These are the horticulture, fishery and dairy sector.


The chances are multiple; from food supply, farmer production, processing, logistics to distribution, retail and specific pro-poor consumer products.


Satkhira is a poor district in Bangladesh, situated in the coastal area. This causes high salinity in the groundwater, and prevents many crops from growing.

Possible improvements

To develop new seeds that are salt resistant for growing diverse crops.

Sector selection

Business opportunities locally and the added value on nutrition for food security and the contribution of the dairy, fish and horticultural sector to this purpose.

Value chain dairy production Bangladesh


Bangladeshi company interested in Sustainable Match

Lal Teer Seed

Bangladeshi company interested in Sustainable Match

PRAN Dairy

Bangladeshi company interested in Sustainable Match


Bangladeshi project interested in Sustainable Match

The Friesian

Dutch company interested in Sustainable Match Bangladesh