Sustainable matchmaking between SMEs

In emerging economies and the Netherlands

About Us

Sustainable Match is an initiative of six complementary parties: MVO NederlandAgri-ProFocusOxfam Novib,People ConnectorProPortion and BBO. We believe that SMEs can be both profitable as well as having a social impact, when matched to the right local partners in the right way. We provide an answer to the ongoing questions on how to improve private sector development instruments and policies, how to improve involvement of SMEs in emerging markets in developing countries to contribute to economic development and contribute to poverty reduction.
Our Values
  1. The sustainable matchmaking program and results are purpose driven: tackling sustainability issues is the shared objective
  2. Local needs and desires are starting point
  3. The program aims to match and create inclusive business opportunities
  4. Locally we work with SMEs, NGOs and producer organisations
  5. In the Netherlands we facilitate, encourage and support Dutch SMEs
  6. All parties are OECD Guidelines committed
  7. Our objective is continuous improvement on CSR
  8. All parties are accountable for social impact
  9. Our resulting matches are financially viable and interesting for investors
  10. Our final results are Sustainable Matches
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Publication Sustainable Match

Lessons Learned in sustainable matchmaking between small and medium enterprises in emerging economies and the Netherlands. (pdf)

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